Bootcamp for Accelerator
Managers (BAM): Saudi Arabia

From Apr 28th to May 1st, Riyadh

9:00am - 5:00pm

Application closed

Learn how to run a successful program from one of the top accelerators in Silicon Valley

500 Startups partners are coming to Saudi Arabia to train local accelerator managers in the best practices of running a world-class accelerator, based on their extensive experience. Topics include how to attract startups to the program, select startups, create community, generate revenue, define and hone the accelerator curriculum and help startups attract downstream capital.


Candidates should have experience working with startups

Candidates should be responsible for launching or managing an accelerator or incubator program or another type of program that supports entrepreneurs


Trevor Loy

Lecturer, Dept. of Management Science & Engineering
Stanford University

Hasan Haider

Partner at 500 Startups, Investing in the MENA Region, Helping to build regional ecosystems

Amit S. Bhatti

Corporate Counsel
500 Startups

Ana Paula González

Head of Miami
500 Startups

Tanya Soman

Venture Partner
500 Startups

Bedy Yang

Managing Partner
500 Startups

TPedro Vieira

Director, Innovation & Partnerships
500 Startups

Sharif El-Badawi

Managing Partner
500 Startups